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"Such a good program . . . praise for such an interesting concept that you have based your program on. It has a very unique and cool look, and it works well."

- George B. -



"Thanx for StratoVista. This is a truly interesting program ... "


- Jan Rifkinson -



"Just wanted to write you, and say that I am very impressed with the Noah v1.0 release. Its an excellent paradigm shift from old ways to better ways. The compass is great! So thank you."


- P. Kingston -



". . . a powerful new-age productivity Internet/email/desktop organizer/browser. View the video tutorial to get the full grasp of its power. The Email interface is unbelievable."


- BearWare -



 "The most awesome part of this really neat program/organizer/productivity enhancer is the email interface. It is very powerful . . . . In some ways, it reminds me of the Opera browser, but with more features and desktop richness."


- -



"Great job, we're really impressed!" 


- Nick Stewart - Senior Editor 




"I downloaded and played for 10 minutes and found it a great tool that can change the way I manage my emails forever! Two thumbs up!"


   - Geeeek -



"Remember 'Ecco'? This program is Ecco reincarnated as a modern up-to-date PIM. I used to be an avid Ecco user until NetManage abandoned the program when Microsoft came out with Outlook. I quite literally “lived” in Ecco. Now I have a place to “live” again… and this environment is even better! You can organize every aspect of your life with this program."


    - Jack Konrath -

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"Boy am I impressed. This program is not for the average individual with just a few emails to read each day, but for the person that really needs to be organized and have everything in one place - and you can sure do it with this program. I just got through going through the tutorial (and I highly recommend it) and it is amazing what can be done with this program. I think I will be saying goodbye to Outlook.."


- Fran Bott -

Gammaw Geek