All That You Expect And More


StratoVista includes all of the features that you would expect to find in the most popular personal information management (PIM) applications, and many you won't find anywhere else. Like our unique Download Controller, for example, that makes inboxes stuffed with junk mail, and the tedious task of archiving emails a thing of the past. And then, of course, there's the ability to neatly organize all of your data - emails, bookmarks, appointments, notes, documents and more in a single place for each of the most important people, places or things in your life. And when you add StratoVista's ability to exchange data with Google Web Services, like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Blogger and Picasa, you have nothing less than an unbeatable combination of features and tools to help you organize all of your information in one place.  And then you can access that information from anyplace, at any time, including from your handheld device.


So, is it finally possible to replace Outlook or Lotus Notes with a new way of organizing your email and your other information? Just take a look at the features in StratoVista below or review our video demos, video tutorials and user manual. We think you'll find that the answer is yes. Or better yet, try StratoVista today by downloading it here.






Lotus Notes


Setup Wizard



Integrated Google Gmail and Web Services Registration and Setup



Auto Email Account Setup



Download Controller



Email Action Notations



Auto Email Contact, Event, Folder, Topic, Channel Creation



Email Color Tagging









Contact Manager



Web Events, Topic, Channel Creation



Compass Channel



Integrated Web Browser



Web Page Local Caching



Application File Event Creation



RSS Auto Detection and Subscription



Copy and Moving Events



User Assigned Homepage for Each Topic



User Assigned Homepage for Each Channel



Data Summary Floating Tabs



Publish to Web Service Sites



Publish to Google Calendar



Publish to Google Docs



Publish to Google Picasa



Publish to Blogger



Automatic Contact Synchronization with Gmail



Timeline Display Mode



Calendar Display Mode



Day Book Display Mode